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Lladro - Bridal Carriage

Price: $18,070.00
Item Number: 1932
Manufacturer: Lladro
Manufacturer Part No: 01001932
Bridal Carriage is inspired by one of those very special moments that mark a before and after, and that change us forever. A newly wed couple parade their love in a horse-drawn carriage. Dressed in their elegant bridal clothes, she leans her head on his shoulder in a relaxed placid gesture after the much-awaited marriage. He looks back at her with a tender gaze which contrasts with the serious expressioin of the driver, discreet and dapper in his top hat.
Like all High Porcelain creations, Bridal Carriage is also a creative display, successfully meeting a challenge that puts the skills and experience of the best Lladro artists to the test. One of the greatest achievements in this sculpture is to have been supported by itself, in other words, without the buttocks (support sticks) or the porcelain base on which a work of this kind usually needs to rest. This requires a highly precise assemblage of all the pieces in order to guarantee the perfect balance, making it a tangible expression of skill and technical prowess.
Decoratively speaking, it is an extraordinarily rich work with an infinity of details. The bride's dress with its pleats, the lace on the bodice and the embroidery on the skirt, provides excellent examples of the filigrees Lladro artists are capable of producing. Equally of note are the garlands on the carriage, the bride's bouquet and the flowers in her veil. The piece comes with a dark wooden pedestal highlighting the brightness of this light colored piece. 
The carriage is a version of the late 19th century open-top Victoria. Everything about this elegant carriage is faithfully reproduced: the metal elements of the rims and wheels, the stitching on the sack, the blanket at the driver's feet, the border of the trunk, the horse's bridle, painted with enamels in three colors (red, blue and aged leather tones). The horse's coat is also worked with different enamels to sussessfully render all its various nuances. Hour after hour of painstaking work went into making this creation a work of art worthy of a truly unforgettable day.
Limited Edition of 500.
16" x 29"
Price includes base
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