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Nielsens Gifts delivers shower & wedding gifts to their brides at no charge up to their one year anniversary date. On gifts purchased for a Nielsens’ Bride, enter the following in the Shipping Address section at check out:

Bride’s name, 81st & Lewis, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74137,Your Phone #

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                   Names                                     Wedding Date


Ashley Stark & Grant Hallbaver               Friday, 3/13/2020       View


Caroline Marra & Ben Hemani                 Saturday, 4/6/2019         View


Ricci Poormon & John Fox                      Saturday, 9/15/2018    View

 Teresa Coleman & James P. Lovely       Saturday, 5/26/2018    View


Lana Laughlin & Adam Richardson         Saturday, 5/20/2017   View

 Andrea Pickryl & Seth Donovan                  Saturday, 5/6/2017     View


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