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Neil Cohen – Designer of the Nambé  Anvil Collection


Humor, playfulness and serendipity may on first impressions seem incompatible with the serious business of designing products for Nambé. Meet Neil Cohen, who creates some of Nambé's most popular and wondrously beautiful designs in metal, crystal and lighting, and has a ton of fun in the process.

Cohen’s forward reaching vision and refined sense of shape, material and workmanship characterize his concepts. His work supplies the kind of spark that engages the human spirit. The company has said that Nambé designs are "works of art you can use every day." With their combination of humor and discovery, Cohen's strong, concise designs are just that: meaningful experiences in themselves, apart from their functionality. 
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Nambé - Anvil Tray
Price: $225.00
Nambé - Anvil Tray
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